What kinds of cabins are available to customize?

While “sheds” is in the name, you’ve probably already become aware of the fact that we provide far more custom outdoor structures than just those. Another great example would be our selection of custom cabins, of which we have a half-dozen different kinds. On this page we thought we’d dive into the different varieties we have to offer, to give you a better idea of what’s available to you if you’re interested in adding a cabin to your property. You can follow the link below to get detailed information about each cabin, but be sure to read on down this page to get a solid overview beforehand.

Gable Cabin

The first option is named for the style of its roof, which adopts the traditional gable style. The cabin comes with a nice front porch, which means that this cabin can suit a wide range of needs. Guest house in your backyard? Need a separate home office or even a storefront at home? Want a place for the kids to go play? The possibilities are nearly endless.

Lofted Cabin

Our lofted cabin option is largely the same as the gable cabin, except it replaces the namesake roof with a gambrel roof that enables overhead storage within the cabin. You could also add a 12” overhang to this type of cabin to give it an even more unique and professional aesthetic.

Center Porch Gable Cabin

The center porch gable cabin is nearly identical to the regular gable cabin save one probably obvious difference. Instead of the front porch, this cabin has its porch on the center of the building, drastically changing the appearance of the cabin. Now it’s a cabin that’s wider than it is long, in contrast to the regular gable cabin.

Center Porch Lofted Cabin

You can probably figure out what sets this cabin apart. It’s the same as our lofted cabin but with that porch shifted to the center instead of out in front, giving it the same differences as the previous entry.

L Corner Porch Gable Cabin

If you’re looking for a cabin with more porch space and are okay with sacrificing a little interior space, then the L corner porch gable cabin might be for you. Starting with our regular gable roof, this option greatly expands the porch to give you much more exterior space for seating, a porch swing, outdoor storage, or whatever you might want.

L Corner Porch Lofted Cabin

Finally, our L corner porch lofted cabin combines the new L corner porch with the lofted cabin style, offering that extra interior overhead storage space with the massive corner porch.
Naturally, if you’re looking to get a customized cabin of your own, you should hit up that link above to find more specific details on the different options available with each type of cabin. If you have any questions about the customization process, don’t hesitate to give us a call.
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