What kinds of sheds are available to customize?

Here at Custom Sheds on Hwy 10, we have a lot of different products from which to choose. While our main product is, naturally, prefabricated wooden sheds, we also provide things like garages, brands, cabins, carports and even several steel buildings. But our bread and butter is our custom sheds – it’s right there in the name! So, today, we thought we’d focus on those sheds by diving into the details on each of the different kinds of sheds we have available for you to customize. There are six different types of sheds to choose from, so read on below to see which one might be the right fit for your situation!
Utility Gable
Your basic backyard shed, the utility gable is the perfect structure for a vast majority of shed needs. It gets its name from the simple gable roof style that protects it from the elements, as well as the fact that it delivers great utility by being able to be used for whatever you need. Store your lawnmower and other yard work supplies, or turn it into a workshop for your hobbies or career.
Side Utility Gable
Not dissimilar to the regular utility gable, the big difference here is that its doors are on the side. But much like all of your sheds, you can customize them in many different ways to fit your vision. Even though it’s named for its gable roof, you can change the roof style, move the doors around, add or change windows, and so on.
Cottage Shed
If you don’t need something very large, then the cottage shed might be the right fit for you. While you can resize any of our shed styles, the flat front-to-back sloping roof of this makes it the perfect solution for smaller storage needs.
Transom Dormer
Our transom dormer shed is nearly identical to the side utility gable, except that it adds a dormer with transom windows to that gable roof. That makes this the perfect option for any needs that require more natural light than simple storage, such as a backyard art studio or similar workshop.
Quaker Style
This is the most different shed yet in comparison to the rest. While it starts off with a gable roof, it’s modified such that the ridge is closer to the front and the back wall is shorter than the rear. Other differentiations include a roof overhang in the front, flower boxes beneath the windows, shutters and X designs on each of the doors.
Carriage Style
Our final option is the carriage style, which is an even bigger departure from our previous options. This is the perfect shed for a home office or playhouse, as it actually looks like a miniature home. It adds a setback porch and additional entry door, with plenty of additional customization options to make it uniquely yours.
If you’re looking to get a customized shed of your own, be sure to check out all of the features and customization options you can apply to each of our sheds. Just browse through the shed section of our website and feel free to call us with any questions!
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