What kinds of garages & carports are available to customize?

In addition to the many sheds we have available for you to customize, we have all kinds of other outdoor structures that we can build to your specifications. A couple more great examples are garages and carports, of which we have plenty of different options available for you to customize. Today we thought we’d highlight some of the information about these different kinds of structures to show you what’s available to you if you need somewhere to park a car or two.

Gable Garage

Whether you’re looking for somewhere to park your riding lawn mower and snowblower, a place to store that vintage vehicle you’re working on in your spare time, or simply need a garage for a property that doesn’t already have one, we’ve got you covered. Our gable garage features a gable style roof and simplistic design sure to suit your needs.

Lofted Garage

In contrast to the gable garage, or lofted garage features a gambrel roof with a spacious loft inside for additional storage beyond just a place to park your vehicle or machinery. Both the lofted and gable garages have plenty of customization options for you to choose between, from size to the inclusion of a garage door opener and much more.

Types of Carports

While those are the two starter garages that we have available for you to customize, we also have eight different types of carports that might even better suit your automotive parking needs. Check out the following list to get an idea of the different types of carports you can customize here at Custom Sheds on Hwy 10:
  • Horizontal Carport
  • Open Carport
  • Standard Carport
  • Vertical Carport
  • Carport with Storage
  • Two Car Carport
  • Partially Enclosed Carport
  • Boat Carport
Here on our website you can put together a bit of information to get a design and quote for the garage or carport you’re looking to build. Enter your personal information and then details about the custom outdoor building you’re looking to build, and we’ll get back to you with a price quote and more information about the design we can put together for you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right here at Custom Sheds on Hwy 10!
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